Temperance banners…

I was recently in the forest of dean and came across a small museum with bit and bobs of local history,clothing,old photos and other curios piled up in glass cabinets-it was like rummaging in an old shed-brilliant!- as i looked up this Banner caught my eye….

‘Blakeney congregation,band of hope,water is best’

I ended up leaning precariously over the stairs to see how it was made-the edging is flocked flowers and the words are stitched-The temperance movement was big stuff in the 1800’s the sins of drink were loudly proclaimed and local groups got together for marches and rallies-as i was trying to look up more info on the practice of banner making for temperance the radio was reporting on goverment policys to try and cut alcohol consumpsion in the uk today…I’ll write to my mp and suggest banner making……..


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