There ain’t no hassel with a tassel…

tassel bannerblue hair tassel lumo tassel my little pony tassel tt tassel family group tasselVogue+Indian+Summerantm-cycle-16-camels

Theres a few things in life you can count on…death,taxes and ermmm Vogue using camels in photoshoots….nothing say ‘exotic’ like a camel…but never mind the lovely ladies and slightly bemused looking locals…..CHECK OUT THE CAMEL BRIDLES! ….a feast of pom poms, tassels,braiding,cording and a beautiful technique called split ply braiding…good ol’ Peter Collingwood wrote tomes about this in the 1970’s(more about this in another post) but todays hero is totes the tassel.i love tassels. i embrace the fact im slightly obsessed with making them,in all variety of materials.the above are made from old pillowcases,synthetic hair,embroidery thread, lumo thread,copper,ribbons,acrylic wool,hand spun and old t-shirts… this space for more,more more!


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