Navajo weaving…

catphoto 2068-Tree-of-Life-Navajo-WEaving 2030-Storm-Pattern-Navajo-WEaving 14am138 008-ganado-navajo-weaving-001-large 1_107b_weaving IMG_1094 IMG_1054

This time last year this is where i was….the Four Corners area of the US of A… On Navajo Nation Land…Four corners is the intersection of Colorado,New Mexico,Arizona and Utah…And like most intersections this was a cosmic mish-mashery of lay lines, sacred sites and eerie epic landscapes and Canyons…..The Ancient petroglyphs depicting people on horses were a serious bum numbing 3 hours horse ride with Navajo guide to show you…and the images of monument rock caught in the setting sun are as unreal in the picture as it was ‘in real life’…BUT what i loved loved LOVED the most were the weavings….done on upright wooden looms using a technique that is basically tapestry weaving were the most beautiful bold and mesmerizing geometric shapes stripes and colour combinations…its been inspiring me all year and probably many years to come.


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