The art of completion.

tapestry1tap2tap3atap4 tap5tap6tap7tap8

Action of thought,Starting,progression,completion. The 4 stages to any project..sounds obvious but you can get lost and stuck in any of these stages…the end needs an acknowledgement just so you can get on with the next thing!…so Eye Spy Volcano is done…large tapestry using fabric,hand spun yarn,lurex,light reflective yarn,acrylic yarn, swaledale yarn, herdwick yarn, shetland yarn.string.

ps looking up the word completion i found this textile phrase which referred to finishing…….

go through-stitch To go through with; to finish or conclude; to follow through. This expression alluding to the work of a tailor was popular in the 17th century but is no longer heard today.

For when a man has once undertaken a business, let him go through-stitch with it. (The Pagan Prince, 1690)


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