Sonja Explains it all!

The talent that is Sonja Todd has a blog and soundcloud podcast…’ Look Like You Mean It’…Here is the link to the first one called “oh my God Cosmic” which is a jungian synchronicity journey though her notings and explorings….Oh my God Cosmic flows though wormholes (mine woven one included!) to time travel comics films and songs…Here she is in this link explaining WAY better than i managed to what my wormhole is about…Sonja no pressure but i cant wait for episode two….Ive also cut n pasted it in below cos i liked the pics Sonja took of my studio!

July 13, 2013

Wormholes, Heterotopia, E8 Lie Groups and other Basket Cases

Have you listened to episode #1 of Sound Like You Mean It yet? My new podcast is on Soundcloud, download or stream it now.

The first episode is called Oh My God, Cosmic, and includes an interview with an artist who’s woven together 100 hula hoops. Wormholes, Heterotopia, E8 Lie Groups and other Basket Cases by Louise Harries was shown in the window of Vogue Fabrics on Stoke Newington Road. Here’s what it looks like:

Louise was inspired by physics and philosophy. Explore more of her inspirations through these links:

Michel Foucault’s lecture Of Other Spaces, Heterotopia can be read online.

The physicist who discovered the E8 Lie Group is Garrett Lisi. In one of the best premises for a TED talk ever, here he explains the theory of everything in 20 minutes. His opening line? “Woah, dude”.

Here’s are the theoretical models for the theory of everything, in 2D and 3D, taken from Louise’s studio wall. As she explains: “It’s a circle eight times within itself, and each circle has 30 points, and each of those 30 points are connected 240 times.” I threw in a string art too. Can you tell the difference?

More psychedelic science from Louise’s studio wall:

You can see Wormholes, Heterotopia, E8 Lie Groups and other Basket Cases at performances by hula hoop queen Marawa The Amazing this summer, starting with Unleashed at Shoreditch Town Hall.


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