visting the Venice Biennale…..

just got back from visting the Venice Biennale…..loved it hugely but it was the British pavilion and Jeremy Dellers work that totally did it for me. from the amazingly moving video set to the music of steel drums to the wall size paintings of William Morris and a Hen harrier wreaking revenge on super yachts and range rovers, free tea to boot and a take home printing booth the whole experience was pretty special. i took some super wobbly pics on my phone…..(the lens is scratched but i cant bring myself to get a new phone till this one dies.) i also bought the record of the steel drums which has pride of place on top of my turntable //// and i got a free poster of a William Morris face in a standing stone- pareidolia and synchronicity….

range roverclose up of hen harrier wreaking prince harrys range rover….he¬†controversially shot a pair of hen harriers over the sandringham estaste….

IMG_3204William Morris rising up and trashing roman abramovich’s yacht.

IMG_3208free tea…the word ‘tea’ spelt out in flint arrowheads.

IMG_3212P1080755Williams morris face in a standing stone.

P1080771Jeremy Deller.English magic 2013 Melodians Steel orchestra.symphony in D minor.The man who sold the world.Voodoo Ray.


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