Action weaving.

P1080782Yesterday i spent a very pleasant afternoon lurking around the lobby at the Ace hotel in Shoreditch….. Sounds dodgy but i was there to meet friends and because id heard Travis Meinolf the action weaver was going to be in action…..Travis is a weaver that brings weaving into the public space by using back strap and rigid heddle looms….over the years i have been very involved with making textiles in a public/performance way with the cast off knitting club back in the day and more recently when i co-owned Prick your Finger i was really interested to see him weave and say hi!

P1080793Alas! although Travis’s lovely rigid heddle loom was there warped up and with evidence of action he was not around…..

P1080783But it was really lovely to see his loom brightening up the space and adding intrigue to the lobby…(i loved the striped warp and the blue roving laid into the weft) i sat drinking coffee watching loads of people being drawn to and puzzling over what they thought the loom was… a maker of textiles from childhood,study at collage and all my career i forget that most people dont ever come into contact with any textile tools or equipment……thanks Travis for bringing one of the least portable textiles methods out and about..i feel inspired to get my tapestry loom out and about…..and i really loved your work.

for more action weave Travis website is here….


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