Digital encounters

I have some work in the Digital Encounters group show in Canterbury… my piece is called #thattimeiwasahumanbeingarobotbeingahuman its a film ,filmed on my mobile phone of me dressed as a robot weaving selfies, with the woven selfies on display next to it. the exhibition addresses the question of the future of textiles and the digital//// my practice is mainly based these days on tapestry weaving which is possibly the slowest medium known to human..with no chance of it speeding up via technology unless a weave-bot is invented…im looking to a future when this is possible and ive channeled Hephaetus’s golden handmaidens who were his helpers in my home made gold cardboard costume // Hephaetus who is the greek god of craft made Achilles armour in the Iliad and his golden handmaidens are the first mention of a robot in western literature ….so craftspeople have always dreamed of summing robotic help to get over the hard and painful bits in our making………will my future race of weavebots need to make tapestries or nomadic murals as Corbusier called them, now that phones act as our nomadic murals and external memories? mabye.

but the human need to create textiles, no matter how obsolete the method, will never end.





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